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OVERVIEW:  The Relics are four veteran musicians - true relics from the music business - jazzed to be playing music together.  Their repertoire is based on timeless and memorable songs from popular 20th Century folk artists. They blend experienced musicianship together with an ability to relate to audiences with confidence, comfort and ease.  Younger folks can still appreciate this music, however it is the mid/older generations who may truly enjoy The Relics’ presentation.

THE GENESIS:  Pre-pandemic, musicians Jim Reader and Neil Henry collaborated to perform an evening of James Taylor’s music in Okotoks. The Okotoks Rotary Performing Arts Centre was the site of that sold-out and eye-opening concert.  It was clear that this genre of music hits home with a wide spectrum of the population. 

Post pandemic, Jim and Neil continued to sharpen their James Taylor repertoire.  When fellow local musician and singer-songwriter Doc Mehl got wind of this adventure, he offered up his cello skills to the mix.  What!?.. Cello!?...  You're kidding, right!?  The resulting innovative combination of Jim’s voice and guitar work, Neil‘s tasty keyboard skills and Doc’s soothing cello and vocal harmonies took things to a whole new level. They all felt they had something special happening.


Enter Doug Paddock, a mainstay of Calgary’s Inglewood music scene.  As the band's percussionist, Doug is known for his ability to seamlessly fit in with any type of music.  Doug loved the songbook the boys had been rehearsing, and eagerly jumped in with both feet.  After his first rehearsal, Doug declared: “Is there any better way for four retired guys to spend an afternoon? People need to hear this stuff!


The Relics strive to honour their selected artists' material with their own interpretations.


Neil Henry


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Neil was a Winnipeg boy who made his way to Alberta for a career in the oil patch.  Thirty-eight years, three kids, and a dozen moves all over the planet later, he retired to Calgary from his last post in Houston, TX.  With years of classical piano lessons Neil claims he can hardly read a note of music today. That hasn’t lessened his love of jazz, blues, folk, honky-tonk, classic rock, or stopped him from playing in jam and party bands for most of his adult life. Neil loves playing the interpretations of their songbook.

"You'd better be careful or you might get good!"
An astute audience member

Jim Reader

guitar, vocals

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With a performance background of nearly five decades, Jim brings his love of 70's and 80's folk music to The Relics. As a veteran entertainer, Jim accumulated numerous songwriting awards and nominations on both sides of the 49th. In his '70's band hay-days, he 'opened' for Kenny Rogers, B.J. Thomas (two tours) and Tommy James and the Shondells - if you're old enough to remember those guys! His unique finger picking style and raw free-wheeling voice have been the foundation for his overall body of work. With the group's interpretations of James Taylor's and other folkies' music, Jim has a blast collaborating with the guys to make such timeless music pleasing and enjoyable for all.

"This fella does it all and really comes to life when he performs with talent and personality that draws attention immediately".
Tommy Tucker, KRLC AM, Lewiston, ID

Academy of Western Artists '04 DJ of Year

Doc Mehl

cello, vocals

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Doc Mehl is a transplant from Colorado to Diamond Valley, AB.  As a singer/songwriter and cowboy poet Doc performs mainly solo with his guitar. His creations have garnered many awards and nominations in the Western music and poetry genres. Doc was awarded "Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year, 2013" by both the Western Music Association and the Academy of Western Artists. Doc has been a student of the cello since age ten and quickly saw that collaborating with Jim and Neil would provide another exciting opportunity. Doc's cello along with his vocal capability adds a warm, spine-tingling bass bottom to the wonderful songs in The Relics repertoire.

"There’s a unique mind at work here that may be one of a kind in the western music arena.  Doc's perspectives are consistently literate and wry, perhaps justifying calling him a "Twain of the Refrain." He'll make you laugh and then suddenly think, laugh some more, and then cry.  Don't strip your gears!"

Rick Huff - Music Critic, Western Way Magazine

Doug Paddock

drums, percussion

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Originally from southwestern Ontario, Doug arrived in Calgary in the early 80’s and never looked back. Doug’s passion from a young age was developing his craft as a jazz drummer, studying with some of the worlds best and backing bands covering genres including jazz, funk, fusion, pop, country, folk, latin and hip hop. When asked what style he likes best, Dougs answer is: all styles!  Any music that provides an intimate connection to the listener and creates real joy and emotion for the audience is the music Doug loves to play. Such is the music of The Relics as they reimagine the incredible songbook of several folk legends. 


"There is a relatively quiet and respectful gentleman who slips in, slides in , then…WOW...away he goes rocking, then mellowing. I have often sat watching …admiring…enjoying the vibration he brings to every touch…glide…pound…ring of cymbals…tapping delicately …THEN !! rip roaring…setting the scene for everyone!

Linda Stewart, Cafe Koi Spoken Word Artist

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